february 20, 2015

Roll out the red carpet and get ready to star gaze. It’s time for the 87th Annual Academy Awards!

Even if you’re not an Oscars fan, we think you’ll enjoy this week’s showing ~ words from women who’ve made movie magic. These actors earned top honors for their powerful performances. They made the presentation of those honors memorable, too...


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"You can best fight
any existing evil
from the inside."

Hattie McDaniel
the first African-American Oscar winner


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A talented teen who traveled with her dad’s minstrel shows. A hard-working radio + film actress whose career inspired controversy.

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In 1940, Hattie became the first black person to win an acting award in the US for her supporting role as Mammy in the year’s best picture ~ Gone with the Wind.

Her historic victory was contentious. Both white supremacists + civil rights activists objected. Hattie was barred from the film’s Atlanta premiere by Jim Crow laws and then faced protests against the film’s racist stereotypes on the Oscars red carpet.

In a response to her critics at the NAACP, Hattie argued for reforming the film industry from the inside. If slave and servant characters were the only parts available, she'd play them in ways that challenged the status quo.

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Hattie’s portrayal of Mammy was a tribute to this famous preacher + those like her whose “brave, efficient, hard-working type of womanhood has built a race.”

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Hattie appeared in more than 80 films but never starred in any. She knew up-and-coming actors would do better ~ “In spite of the troubles that many of us have faced, let me say this: There is still room at the top.”

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"My achievement,
if you can call it that,
is that I've basically pretended
to be extraordinary people
my entire life, and now
I'm being mistaken for one."

Meryl Streep
the Hollywood hall-of-famer


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A breakout Broadway talent turned film industry giant. A legendary leading lady on stage + screen.

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In 2006, Meryl was invited to Princeton as a distinguished Belknap Visitor in the Humanities. The opening lines of her lecture claimed she was there under “false pretenses.” The Academy {and the rest of us} begs to differ.

First put up for an Oscar in 1979, Meryl earned her record-beating 19th acting nom this year. Look out, Katharine Hepburn ~ at this rate Meryl may very well surpass 4 wins!

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Meryl got an Oscar nod for embodying this culinary mastermind. And, won one for her portrayal of this iron-willed prime minister.

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With 3 Academy Awards, 2 Emmys + a Tony, all Meryl needs is a Grammy to complete the show-biz grand slam. {She’s actually been nominated 3 times for children’s storybook recordings!} Don’t her 8 Golden Globes count for anything?

She may be humble, but she’s not one for stage-fright ~ “You can’t do your job and be afraid.”

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"Pizza fixes everything."

Jennifer Lawrence
the girl on fire {with grace under fire}


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A Kentucky native who got her start in tv commercials. A versatile actor who shines in everything from blockbuster action films to critically acclaimed indie flicks.

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Jennifer was first nominated for an Oscar at age 20 for Winter’s Bone. In 2012, she became the second youngest winner of the Best Actress Award...and the first person to trip on her way up to receive it. Her televised tumble on the waxed staircase inspired memes, GIFs and a standing O!

In her interview with Barbara Walters soon after, Jennifer confessed the incident was embarrassing ~ but nothing that a late-night delivery from Dominos couldn’t cure.

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Jennifer was 2014’s highest grossing actor. No surprise since she starred in The Hunger Games series ~ a serious box-office champ.

She may have joked after winning a Golden Globe that she needed to get back to her seat to catch up on her drinking, but success hasn’t gone to her head. As she puts it, "Why would I ever get cocky? I'm not saving anybody's life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I'm making movies."

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I, for one, am taking great comfort in the fact that all of this year's Best Actress nominees are women.”

~ Elizabeth Weitzman
New York film critic  |  tweeting on this year's #OscarNoms...which include only 25 female and 9 non-white contenders among the 127 nominees

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